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den 21 mars 2004

  Pdf995 tillhandahåller ett gratis program för att skapa pdf-filer från de flesta Windows-program. I utbyte mot "gratis" öppnas en webbsida med reklam varje gång man skapar en pdf. Jämfört med Adobes Acrobat kan det vara ett prisvärt alternativ.


  Jag fick ett brev från Learning Strategies häromdagen. Det börjar så här:

He swore not to tell anyone about the 12 books he purchased for $1,000. In fact, he had to have his handwriting analyzed before the private publisher would sell them to him in the first place. The publisher, a little paranoid, was concerned, because the contents of the book could be used to destroy as well as create.

In confidence our client, John, told Paul and me about the books almost 20 years ago. It seemed directly out of "Raiders of the Lost Ark." But when he reluctantly allowed us to read the first book, it became a reality, not a dream.

Our thinking thoroughly and completely transformed. The book opened our eyes to the REAL workings of the world. And, it became the foundation for our way of operating at Learning Strategies.

Back in the 1920s, the original publisher wrote:

"You are taught how to apply Power toward the achievement of your ideals, the satisfaction of your longings, the accomplishment of your definite purposes.

"You are taught how to become a Master of conditions and circumstances, instead of being their slave.

"This book is different in many respects from anything you ever have read. Its teachings, it is true, are not for the spineless or fear-cursed; rather they are for the full-grown, strong, courageous, daring men and women who are the true individuals among the mass of counterfeit personalities. Its words are charged strongly with the vibrations of Mastery and Power."

A very limited number of these books were printed in 1922. I have been told that they weren't ever made available to the mass public, but only on an invitation basis to a select few people of influence and power. The who's who of names include the Rockefellers and Charles Schwab. Based on a passage in the Inaugural Address, I was told that a set of the books had been passed on to the first President Bush.

Det är rena rama romaninledningen. Vem vill inte komma över böcker som är så svåra att få tag på? Det är ett smart försäljningstrick. Knapphetsprincipen.

Berättelsen slutar med att de efter många år har kommit över originalböckerna. Dessa har de låtit skriva av och göra en e-bok (pdf) av. Så mycket för knapphetsprincipen alltså. Nu finns den till försäljning hos Learning Strategies för 17 US-dollar. E-boken heter Personal Power - Your Master Self. Exakt vad den handlar om skriver de inte. Inom några dagar lär jag veta. Helt nöjd eller pengarna tillbaka.

Personal Power eBook


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